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Pro tips to choose your floor tile

Floor Tiles Design GautengFar from being old, tiling and its applications today have no limits. Micro mosaic or huge sandstone plates, like stone, wood, or metal, tiling today takes all appearances, far from the fifties tiles that rocked your childhood. So for Floor Tiles Design Gauteng, you can imagine everything from the most basic to the most artistic! Easy to live, it arises in every room of the house with a preference for water features or places with strong passage.



Porcelain stoneware for optimum resistance

If you are looking for trendy Floor Tiles Design Gauteng, then definitely it is porcelain stoneware. Based on clay (like other tiles in the strict sense, which are ceramics) and alkaline material, it is heated to very high temperature, which causes its verifications, and then it is pressed and stretched. It is also called porcelain stoneware, or stained full mass.

Where to put it?

Porcelain stoneware is recommended in the busiest places and even outdoors, because it is non-gelling, non-slip and resists even acid!

What is the trend?

The trend is to large rectified plates (that is to say, sharp edges) that are laid without joints. In matt gray, as in this living room, it is a malignant alternative solution to the poured concrete slab.

Mirage Tiles: Glazed stoneware with countless decors

In addition to porcelain stoneware, there is also enameled stoneware, which is less expensive. It is found in enameled pressed stoneware or glazed porcelain stoneware. Porcelain stoneware, heated to a higher temperature, is stronger than pressed sandstone, but the enamel that dyes the tile (unlike porcelain stoneware, stained full mass) can flake in the long run.

Where to put it?

It is perfect for living rooms, but prefers porcelain stoneware in the kitchen or hallways.

Conclusion: Magic renovation!

Whatever type of tile you opt for, take the time to choose something you really like and quality material, because the tile is a coating terribly difficult to remove. It also means avoiding colors that follow an ephemeral fashion.