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Granite Worktop: Advantages and Disadvantages

Granite is a material regularly chosen for the kitchen worktop. It is indeed a safe bet to benefit from a solution both design and practical (good resistance, simple cleaning …). Here you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of using Kitchen Granite in Gauteng.

The benefits of the granite worktop

Whether heat, scratches, or shocks, a Kitchen Granite in Gauteng has many guarantees in terms of strength. Granite is indeed one of the hardest and strongest materials: its very good overall strength thus guarantees excellent longevity.

However, the use of a trivet is always preferable to avoid unnecessary risk. With regard to scratches, if the overall strength of the granite is excellent, however, the use of a ceramic knife should be avoided.

In order to permanently protect the granite against the stains and guarantee its good cleaning, a simple daily sponge will suffice.

The granite countertop has a wide range of colors to suit any kitchen. Whatever your preferences in terms of colors, you will necessarily find the color that meets your aesthetic expectations. Particularly beautiful, granite also brings a modern touch that will not fail to seduce people looking for a contemporary look simple and clean, but still aesthetic.

The disadvantages of the granite worktop

The many benefits of the granite worktop are, however, reflected in its price. If it proves cheaper than quartz and of course Corian and its advantages, it remains more expensive than most materials. However, thanks to its excellent longevity, acquiring a well-maintained granite worktop will always be a winning bet in the long run.

Last note: also take into account the weight of granite (about 50kg per sqm) when installing your work plan.

Conclusion on the granite worktop

In conclusion, granite undoubtedly seduces people looking for an aesthetic solution and simple maintenance. If a certain budget is necessary before its acquisition, the granite worktop remains however a sure value which will convince you by its various advantages.